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Phet Thakrit
Phet Thakrit


  • Name: Thakrit Tawanpong (ฐกฤต ตวันพงค์)
  • Birth Name: Thakrit Hamannopjit (ฐกฤต เหมอรรณพจิต)
  • Nickname: Phet (เพ็ชร)
  • Profession: Actor
  • Date of birth: April 10, 1989
  • Birthplace: Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand
  • Height: 178cm (5'10)
  • Weight: 67kg
  • Star sign: Aries/Snake
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Family: Father (Songwut), mother, & older sister (Peung Nopparat)
  • Friends: Panjan Kawin Imanothai, Toey Pongsakorn & Pope Tanawat Wattanaputi
  • Hobbies: Soccer, Fitness, Singing, and playing the guitar
  • Motto: Have Strength and Endurance to achieve your goals
  • Collection: Shoes
  • Education: Graduated at the University of Ratanakiri with Bachelor Degree

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About (Phet)

Phet Thakrit debuted into the entertainment world through music videos, but he did not get majorly known until he starred in the the movie Ruk Sood Tai Pai Nah (First Kiss), in which he starred alongside Rotmay Kaneungnij. It is said that Rotmay picked him for the role herself, through casting. He is now signed with CH3 and was recently casted into the hit lakorn The Sixth Sense. -Aikoden.

He is best known for his lakorns, The Sixth Sense and Bang Rajun. His character Khap in Bang Rajun portrayed a strong soldier who would do anything to protect his country and the person he loves. Since then, he has been recieving many more work and small awards down the road.

When Phet was a college student, he would often fall asleep during English class because he thought it was boring and did not like it. But now that he has grown up, his mind has changed. He wants to be able to communicate with his foreigner fans and understand them. He practices the language often and tries his best when speaking it. Though his English isn't the best, he's happy to understand his fans more. He thinks learning English is very important.

Many of his fans has been demanding producers to give him the pra'ek status but he believes he's not yet ready.

Phet describes himself as a good-nature guy. Smiles a lot and when angry, it's reasonable enough. Likes being surrounded with people not too serious. Family is super important to him which makes him quite sensitive when having family troubles. He is especially close with his father as he is always seen around him and takes him to almost everywhere he goes. Many fans like Phet's funny, goofy personality and his cheeky cute smile, especially his dimples.



Music Videos

  • ส่องกระจก (Look in Mirror) by Beau Sunita
  • เสียงของคนเจ็บ (Voices of the people who hurt) by Singto Singhharuth Junpukdee
  • คนรักกันไม่ทำแบบนี้ (I did not do this) by Nan Vathiya


  • โค้ก (Coke)
  • ไวตามิลค์ (White Star Mill)
  • ฮอนด้า (Honda)
  • AIS
  • นิติพลคลินิก (The Law Clinic)
  • Fisherman’s Friend
  • ไบเล่ (Baile)
  • ชุดนักเรียนตราช้างแมมมอธ (Elephant Mammoth uniform)
  • ธนาคารธนชาติ (Thanachart Bank)
  • เฟรช โคโลญจน์, อินโดนีเซีย (Fresh baby in Cologne, Indonesia)
  • วาสลีน (2555) (Vaseline)
  • เคเอฟซี (2555) (KFC)

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